2015 was a really big year for us– we more than doubled our bookings from 2014 and we shot some of our favorite weddings so far (hint: we love it when your event is the perfect representation of your relationship together). We also learned a few things. . . which is probably the biggest understatement. We learned our limits and we figured out new ways of doing things. We found out what wasn’t working and gained confidence in areas we felt it lacking.

As we prepare for the kickoff of our 2016 season this month, we’re looking back at our top takeaways from last year:

1. Just because the calendar allows it, doesn’t mean we should book it.

More than doubling our bookings was amazing and we were so appreciative. But we also learned that 17 weddings in one year is too many for us (you’ve probably already read about my workaholism). Until one or both of us is doing She & Me full-time, there’s no way we can give 100% every time without the proper rest and relaxation prior. This year, we capped our bookings at 12 and only time will tell if that’s our magic number (we think it might be).

2. Feedback is precious.

Sure, we know the things we can improve upon, but it’s even more important to find out from you– yes, you– what you loved, what you think we could do better, what you appreciated, and what you think we could provide. We’ll be making it a habit to check in and listen to what you have to say. It simply makes it better for everyone.


3. More communication between Caleb and I.

This year, we’ll be sitting down the night before and after each wedding. Beforehand, we will prep by going over last minute details to keep in mind and making sure our game plan will provide the proper coverage. Afterwards, we’ll be discussing what we thought worked well for us, what didn’t, and finding a solution. Sometimes the problem is relationship-based– I’m sure you can imagine what it is like working closely with your spouse (I can hear the groans from here).

Overall, we work well together, anticipate what the other is going to do, and have fun doing it. But we’re also human. We have emotions, too, and don’t have the luxury of talking about them when we’re on the job (except when Caleb sets his ISO too high for the millionth time). We put a hold on it and continue to work together. But this year, we’ll be coming together the next day to talk about any problems that arose between us in order to minimize the chance of it happening again.

4. Gear purchases.

We won’t bore you with the technical side (although, we know some of you would be interested, so feel free to ask), but we’re making some purchases in the next few weeks/months that we are pretty excited to add to our kit.

We can’t wait to get this season started and we’re confident it will be our best yet.

And hopefully this is the year Caleb listens to me when I tell him to lower his ISO… 🙂