Our two year mark with She & Me is coming up in June, and I have to say, we have heard our fair share of horror stories. We have heard about the photographer who makes his clients feel uncomfortable, the photographer who is more particular and regimented than the bride (or groom, MOH, wedding planner, mom, great aunt, etc.), and the businesses that have so many restrictions built into their contracts and packages that it seems they don’t want to be photographing at all.

This isn’t meant to be a pit-ourselves-against-the-others post, rather, we feel awful when we listen to disappointing anecdotes about our fellow peers in the wedding biz. We certainly all have our bad days where we just aren’t ourselves, and I can admit to feeling vexed by difficult family members– or, if I’m being even more honest, with Caleb (love you!).

But here’s the thing– when we meet with you to talk about how we approach your wedding day, we really do care. We care about providing you with stellar photos, but we also care about you as a couple, and we care about being easy to work with. Make no mistake– we’re rooting for you! There is nothing sadder than receiving notice of a cancelled wedding and there is nothing more exciting than hearing about a little one soon to be added to the family.

If it was just about the photos for us, we wouldn’t bother with weddings. We love getting to know you on a personal level and collaborating together. Yes, we are the professionals, but we like hearing your ideas and vision. For us, seeing your relationship grow and being there to capture it is more important than booking a wedding worth $30,000. Regardless of budget, we are there to document the beginning of your new life together, the forging of families, and the emotion that naturally overflows on such an occasion.

We get it. We are recently married, too, and we remember saying our vows, holding back tears, and the first moment to ourselves where we realized, “We’re married.” Between all the rushing and hurrying, my favorite part of your wedding will always be when we take you and your new spouse aside– away from the day’s distractions and let you soak it in. . . Truly seeing the person in front of you and allowing time to pass by for a moment. You’re life partners, afterall, and that deserves some relishing.

She & Me is a passion for both of us and, yes, sometimes we have to make logical, business-based decisions. But the day I no longer shed a tear or two from behind my camera will be the day I know it’s time to move on to something else.

Until then, know that our loyalties lie with you from the moment we first meet. We don’t need to be BFF’s, but it certainly doesn’t hurt knowing your photographers have your best interest in mind on a day that will forever alter the course of your life.*


*I resisted the urge to make a cringe-worthy alter/altar pun, so you’re welcome.