We’re indie romantics.
We’re kind of anti-establishment.
And we love a good story.

Everyone has one and it’s often not until we’re far removed from a moment that we see its holding in our lives. In a way, weddings are different– it’s one of the few times that we can plan for such a major shift and see it coming from months away. As such, it’s also easy to gloss over the details with, “We only need this” or “We only need that.”

Memories, however, aren’t discerning. They don’t linger based on what’s “important” or not. They reside in our hearts, big and small, waiting to be revisited at any time of day. Who’s to say the time driving in Caleb’s old Buick Century after our wedding ceremony was any less important than saying our vows? As humans, we never know in advance what will move us most and stick with us through the years. But that’s where we come in as your photographers.

From Paris, May 2012.
From Paris, May 2012.

We started dating in the spring of 2012, flew to Paris together just a few weeks later, shot our first wedding a year after that, and then 3½ months later in Fall 2013 we arrived at our own wedding. Time has whipped by faster than we ever thought possible. So we aim to focus on what we hold closest to us– relationships, memories, connections.

We never planned on being wedding photographers, but it makes sense to us now. Our love of a well-told story, the interest we have in artifacts left behind, and the family photos we hold dear– the ones that seem to lend a whole new dimension to the parent or grandparent we thought we knew– all point to the vocation of photographer.

A few of our own family photos.
A few of our own family photos.

Who are we besides photographers?

We’re full-time designers living in Milwaukee, WI. We’re parents to a darling rabbit, Aster, and a sweet pup, Ponyo. We love pizza as much as we love lounging on our couch and avidly discuss the nuances between pizza places (need a perfectly greasy pie? We’ll hook you up).

We’re newbie backpackers and dream of a day when we own a plot of land in the middle of nowhere with a tiny cabin just for us. We have a serious La Croix problem (current flavors of choice are Peach Pear and Apple Berry). And we believe in a minimal lifestyle– admittedly, it’s a lot harder with all our extra camera gear. But hey, we try.


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