Life is messyLast October, I quit my job (gasp!) and was working at home, spending most of my days doing She & Me work. With the new addition of time, I embraced the domestic life and started doing meal plans (yes, we were previously slaves to take-out), cleaning up every morning, and making healthier, less chemical-y house products like laundry detergent. Not only did our home (and stomachs) get more love, I enjoyed being able to put more time and energy into our clients.

I have been back to work for the past month now and I cringe when I think of our piled-up kitchen sink, the office in disarray, and the emails that I need to send to our couples. Our poor bunny needs her cage to be cleaned, the sheets need changing, and there seems to be a constant layer of dust on any horizontal surface.

And it’s not just the lack of cleanliness, either. Oh, no. There are friends I haven’t caught up with, Christmas gifts that have yet to be given, DIY plans for restoring old furniture, and I haven’t picked up the book I started since before I got back into the 9-5 swing. It’s exhausting, isn’t it?

I enjoy keeping up with a handful of blogs, but I’m always left with that bitter taste of comparison in my mouth. Of course, I am happy for small businesses and the dreamers of the world when they are met with success, big or small. It is encouraging for us as business owners and it just feels good to see positive steps forward happen to a deserving someone.

But let’s be real, here. Life is gritty. It’s not always afternoon tea with homemade gluten-free apricot scones with a honey butter drizzle. It’s silly– and disappointing– to expect it to be so. I want a clean house, a happy husband and bunny, all 21 meals of the week to be homemade, a successful career, a blossoming business, to read one book a week, to work out every morning, to be a diligent and faithful friend, have deep and meaningful conversations with Caleb, wear perfectly quirky-yet-chic outfits, and do it all on just four hours of sleep so that I can fit in some “side-projects.” Listed out, doesn’t that all seem ridiculous?

Life is messy
Most of the time, I feel more like the girl on the right.

I am guilty of sharing only the Instagram-worthy moments of my life, but that just isn’t authentic. Let’s enjoy and document those beautiful moments, but we should also let ourselves off the hook! With She & Me, our goal is to capture you just as you are, so why shouldn’t we allow ourselves to be seen, just as we are? The About Us section on our website is 100% true, but it also doesn’t detail the numerous arguments, disagreements, and frustrations that led up to our engagement and, later, our wedding. And you can bet we still aren’t Ward and June Cleaver.

Our pledge to you is to be authentic. We get overwhelmed, stressed, tired, and frustrated, too. As humans, we hide our weaknesses from the prying world– now more than ever– and we are ready to just be ourselves.

Welcome to our new blog.